Gold Package


Gold Package

  • Three 1 hr lessons (total of 3 private lessons – 50 minutes each).
  • Free group sessions (dependent on the availability of open spaces — must be booked in advance to guarantee a spot)
  • Weekly 15-minute virtual lessons (you are responsible for any charges that apply from your cellular carrier and have to have your own smartphone).
  • Refund unused lessons



Gold Package – Three Bicycle Lessons


You must supply safety gear and a working bicycle (adjustment or tuning of your bicycle counts toward the purchased hour lesson). Equipment may be provided upon request. The rider’s feet must be flat on the ground when they are sitting on the bicycle.  We recommend bikes that DO NOT peddle backward but instead have hand breaks.


If rain persists for more than 15 minutes, classes are canceled. Students registered for a class that is canceled because of rain will be invited to register for a later class date within the established season schedule. Lessons that are rained out after 30 minutes constitute a full lesson; we’ll do our best to see if we can make up additional time.


By purchasing this service, you agree to not hold AskLearnGo and its affiliates responsible for any personal injuries or equipment damage and agree to the ULA.


* Each rider goes at their own pace. Though most riders learn in 1-2 lessons, we cannot guarantee success;  but we’ll do our best to make it happen. So, lessons lasting 30-60 minutes are considered completed and are non-refundable.

Learn in less than 2 sessions? We’ll refund the difference (ask for details).


The best location is a wide open parking lot without traffic and plenty of shade. We’ll help you decide the best location.

3 Free Virtual weekly 15 min. sessions (we virtually help you while you practice).
We can provide a loaner bike or set up your bike free of charge.