• Hilit did an amazing job teaching my son to ride his bike.

    She was so patient and kind and he learned in 20 minutes! Worth every penny to have her come to work with your child! Highly recommend!

    Lisa Metcalf

  • Ask Learn Go is great!

    They taught both of my children to ride a bike two years apart. They bring a smile and confidence to the children and do it so efficiently! My kids had a ball learning to ride. Thank you!

    Tiffany Cohen

  • Hillit was patient and ready for my 4 year old daughter and 7 year old nephew.

    My four year old went from a balance bike to riding a bike on her own! My nephew went from training wheels to balancing in one lesson. We are plank f one or two more lessons for my nephew. Awesome idea . More kids and all adults should learn how to ride a bike the right way!

    Eugenio Menendez

  • Alex who was my five-year-old son’s bicycle instructor was, Outgoing, very patient, very nice and pleasant.

    We definitely would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to ride a bike. It took my son two days without training wheels. He Teaches things you wouldn’t even think of and definitely necessary to know. And most importantly made it fun for him. We were very pleased. Thank you Alex!

    Janet Thomas

  • We highly recommend Ask Learn Go.

    Alex was excellent with helping my 8 year old daughter learn how to ride her bike! He was very patient and made it fun for her. By the end of the session she was riding her bike by herself! He also assisted with helping put her seat at the right height and gave us a free helmet which she loves and fits her properly. We are practicing everyday and she keeps asking if he can come back.

    Lisa Heys

  • We’ve always known about swim instructors but I thought googling “bike lessons” was far fetched. Not so!

    I called and my son was registered for 3 lessons and it was worth every penny. He refused to learn with us but I know how much he wanted to learn. Within one lesson, he learned how to ride on his own! The second lesson was getting more practice in, and the third one was at a park riding around, practicing safety, and just getting the hang of it (we even got to bring a new bike Hilit, our instructor, helped us with in adjusting). Worth. Every. Penny. So thankful to Hilit!

    Martha Vergel

  • I am a 63 year old grandmother of 10 who has never rode a bicycle in my life.

    I scheduled a class with Bicycle Lessons & got Hileth, as my coach. A brand new helmet was provided (for keeps) she also brought a bicycle for me to use for the lesson, as I do not own one. Hileth was professional & very pleasant she talked me through every step of the process & in less than an hour I was riding ON MY OWN!! This is such an amazing achievement for me, I felt free. Now I’m able to ride alongside my grandkids. For all the ladies over 60 with the desire to learn how to ride, I strongly recommend Bicycle Lessons, these people are professionals. I ride every day now.

    Thank you Hileth!!!

    Marlene Henderson

  • My experience was great! Alex is a real pro.
    I had difficulty teaching my little one to ride. Truth is I was a bit impatient. However Alex was calm, cool and my kid was riding in no time. Thanks Alex!!

    Len Wilder

  • I am thrilled to be writing this review. At 61 years of age I decided I wanted to learn to ride a bicycle.

    I found Ask, Learn, Go (Google.) Alex picked up the phone, answered all my questions and gave me assurance that I would learn how to ride. Because the instructors are Occupational and Physical therapists, they offer a different method of teaching. It was a perfect fit for me. Hilit was my instructor. I can’t say enough. She is outstanding in her technique, patience, understanding, and intuitive ability to understand how I was holding myself back and when I needed to be pushed – just enough. Her consistent motivation kept me going.

    The combination of the techniques used and the understanding that this was a step-by-step process, made this a success!

    Each time I had a lesson, I conquered something new. For me, this was more than just learning to ride a bicycle; it was about gaining confidence and believing in myself. I am forever grateful to Hilit and recommend her highly. She is exceptional. For anyone reading this review, IF I CAN RIDE, ANYONE CAN – these professionals know what they are doing, and can help you, your child, or anyone you know who wants to learn to ride a bicycle.
    Thank you Hilit – I am forever grateful. You changed my life.
    Thank you Alex. I give 100 stars.

    June Mishcon

  • Hilit is a miracle worker!

    Two days ago, my 7-year-old niece couldn’t balance on her bike or steer straight. She was running into walls, taking her feet off the pedals, crying and complaining she couldn’t ride, frustrating all of us. Not wanting to prolong the torture (hers or ours), we called Ask Learn Go and they set us up with Hilit. On day one, our little one was balancing on her bike and steering it almost perfectly. By day two (the very next day), she could steer, pedal, and ride, like she’s been doing it for years! Her confidence increased dramatically and now all of her other tasks seem less daunting (swimming, skating, etc.) Just two hours of practice and tadaaaaa!! Hilit is the bicycle whisperer. Literally.

    Thank you, Hilit! We’re forever grateful!

    Trina Reyes

  • I am an adult female who grew up in a city so I never got to learn how to ride a bike.

    Helit was super sweet and patient with me. She took her time and was encouraging. I got the hang of riding by the first session but I requested a second session to hone in on how to start pedaling. I am very happy with my lessons and encourage everyone to take lessons with Ask Ride Go for this life skill that is bicycle riding.

    Shumaia Rahman

  • Strongly and warmly recommend Ask Learn Go to anyone.

    Whether for a child who’s learning to balance for the first time, someone who tried before and it didn’t work, or an adult who never had an opportunity to learn and finally ready to embrace the fun and health benefits of riding a bicycle! Alex is a friendly instructor, attentive to detail, who’ll quickly tune in to the individual need of any student and lead her/him to success, and it will always be done with a big smile!

    Eva Gililov Zeltzer

  • This company is the real deal!

    My 6 year old son was riding in 25 minutes. My 3 year old daughter tagged along and Hilit, our instructor, graciously made her feel a part of each day by working with her as well. Hilit has a wonderful personality and so much patience. I recommend Ask, Learn, Go to anyone. You won’t regret it.

    Jade Maddix Alvarado

  • Hilit was amazing!

    My 15 year old was able to ride in just an hour session, she is very patient and explained things very well with amazing results in just that short space of time. I am very grateful to have found this company. Alex was very kind and accommodating regarding scheduling and payment.

    B. Payne

  • Many thanks to Alex.

    I was having a hard time getting my son to ride a bike with no training wheels and he solved my problem quickly. He was very patient and understanding to what it took to get my son going. Great service!! Highly recommended.

    Daniel Patton

  • My Son is 6 years old and he had a phenomenal time with his teacher.

    Really attentive and extremely nurturing. I highly recommend this service it was one of the best experiences my child has ever had. -Parkland Resident

    Maria Patton

  • We were not sure what to expect with bike lessons for our daughter who is a 10yo with ADHD.

    I will say that it was a pleasant surprise that we found bike lessons online that is comprised of teachers who are also therapist. Hilit was amazing with our daughter who is always cautious . She was patient and encouraging. She knew the right things to say to keep her engaged. She was riding in no time. My daughter is also tall for her age and I found that we did not have the correct size bike for her. Hilit was kind enough to lend us her bike until we purchased my daughter a bike of her own. I would highly recommend asklearngo for any child, parent or grandparent that is interested in learning to ride a bike.

    Warren Rogers

  • Ms. Hilit did a wonderful job with my 6 and 8 year old.

    She worked with both of them simultaneously and after 1 lesson they were running bikes!! I was amazed! Thank you so much for your help!

    Fredrena Sterling

  • My daughter was riding a bike in 20 minutes, we never expected it to happen so fast.

    We were thrilled with the entire experience. Hilit was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Her patience and helpful tips made this all possible. I wish I would have found this place sooner!

    I Jav

  • Great service!! My son was able to gain confidence in himself.

    The patience and professional service that Alex gave was definitely honored.. I am truly grateful for Alex and the company, My son got it in ONE lesson… When my second son is ready he will be taking a lesson as well. Thank you so much for all you done for me and most of all what you have done for Logan … I so recommend you guys keep up the great work and making differences in children’s life. MONEY WELL SPENT. Thank You Alex

    Kay Elle

  • My 7 year old refused to learn how to ride his bike.

    Crying each time he got near the bike. My hopes were for him to just be able to touch it without crying. I really did not have high hopes for him to come away actually riding. Between Hilit and Alex – somehow they had him riding in 3 hour-long lessons! Pricey but worth it, I had happy tears seeing him ride.

    Natalie Arizmendi

  • What an amazing experience! Hilit was a fabulous instructor.

    She was kind patient, and extremely knowledgeable. My daughter really connected with her and learned how to ride a bike very well in 2 lessons. I would absolutely recommend Ask Learn Go to anyone at any age. Thank you so much for helping her achieve this milestone with an incredibly positive experience.

    Danielle Scott

  • I just wanted to thank you and Alex for a tremendous job with both of my girls.

    Both my girls were scared to learn how to ride a bike. My husband and I tried many times and could not make any progress. We were frustrated and so were our girls. We were so lucky to find Ask Learn Go! You and Alex knew exactly what to do in just one lesson to get both of our girls riding their bikes. You made it look so easy!! After just one lesson with the both of you, they are now confident bike riders. My husband and I can’t get them off their bikes now!! We are telling everyone about you!! Thank you again for everything!!


  • They gave my son the best gift and that’s confidence.

    I watched my son try so hard to ride a bike and he is hearing impaired so balance has always been an issue. Today at this event my child was riding a bike by himself. I still can’t believe it! I was so happy and he was, too. This event also helped him with bike safety and he learned so much. Thank you for letting my kids be a part of this program!

    Kathy S.


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