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I am thrilled to be writing this review. At 61 years of age I decided I wanted to learn to ride a bicycle.

I found Ask, Learn, Go (Google.) Alex picked up the phone, answered all my questions and gave me assurance that I would learn how to ride. Because the instructors are Occupational and Physical therapists, they offer a different method of teaching. It was a perfect fit for me. Hilit was my instructor. I can’t say enough. She is outstanding in her technique, patience, understanding, and intuitive ability to understand how I was holding myself back and when I needed to be pushed – just enough. Her consistent motivation kept me going.

The combination of the techniques used and the understanding that this was a step-by-step process, made this a success!

Each time I had a lesson, I conquered something new. For me, this was more than just learning to ride a bicycle; it was about gaining confidence and believing in myself. I am forever grateful to Hilit and recommend her highly. She is exceptional. For anyone reading this review, IF I CAN RIDE, ANYONE CAN – these professionals know what they are doing, and can help you, your child, or anyone you know who wants to learn to ride a bicycle.
Thank you Hilit – I am forever grateful. You changed my life.
Thank you Alex. I give 100 stars.